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Keir Starmer: Hostage, or Accomplice to Rishi Sunak?

The leader of the Labour Party is just as much a hostage as any of the Israelis held by Hamas. Only in his case he wasn’t kidnapped: he delivered himself, bound and gagged, to Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and Netanyahu.

Labour Cllr says “I will have no truck with anti semitic b****ds like you.”

“You are anti semitic scumbags” was the ludicrous response received from a Labour councillor from Milton Keynes when we wrote to him last week. The Workers Party, shocked by theContinue reading “Labour Cllr says “I will have no truck with anti semitic b****ds like you.””

Yemen war statistics

Saudi Arabia, let’s not forget, is a barbaric theocratic dictatorship waging an incredibly brutal war on Yemen, which has resulted in famine. This illegal war is waged using British arms, but there is no response from FIFA, from the theatre critics, from the Women’s Institute or the European Tree of the Year competition, which is odd as they were very quick to “stand up for peace” in Ukraine. If there are to be moral outrages, surely they must be consistent and not merely launched on the instructions of the Foreign Office and their parrots in the corporate media…