Workers Party of Britain

The end of Project Corbyn

Corbyn’s Labour leadership campaign of 2015 was a miracle to behold. He swept his centrist opponents away in a landslide victory. How, then, did it all go so wrong in just a few years?

And what is next for those in the Labour Party who followed him, those who want to build a better, fairer Britain? Will they fall in line behind Sir Kier Starmer, or will they spend years or decades fighting the elements who have just soundly defeated them?

Coming to a town near you

Tues 7
What is Socialism? online meetingJoin George Galloway and the Workers Party for this online meeting, details coming soon.
8pmFacebook and YouTube
Sat 9
London rally: Victory DayJoin us to celebrate British – Soviet cooperation in the defeat of fascism. Speakers: George Galloway, Venezuelan Embassy, The Communists, and others TBC.

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