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Labour Cllr says “I will have no truck with anti semitic b****ds like you.”

“You are anti semitic scumbags” was the ludicrous response received from a Labour councillor from Milton Keynes when we wrote to him last week. The Workers Party, shocked by the illegal siege of Gaza and the murder of thousands of children wrote to more than 4,000 Labour councillors last week as the Palestinians endured horrifying brutality at the hands of Israel with the full backing of British and US imperialism.

It is becoming plain to even the most fanatical Labour apologists for war and imperialism that the position of Sir Starmer and the Blairites is untenable. The world is awake to the genocide that is unfolding in Palestine and the British people, in their millions have protested and raised their voices for peace.

The Labour party is no place for workers. The Workers Party is the home for working class politics and we continually reach out to hundreds of sincere socialists with the offer of building an alternative. It was in this spirit that Chris Williamson, former Labour MP for Derby North wrote to thousands of Labour councillors last week. You can read his appeal below.

The following selection of replies demonstrates the depths of the corruption and rottenness that has taken hold of Labour:

Labour Cllr Martin Booth (Norfolk)

“I will have no truck with anti semitic bastards like you...”

Labour Cllr Laura Wright (Monmouthshire)

“I’m not interested in joining or supporting a rival political party – especially not one led by a disgraced antisemite. You should be ashamed of trying to encourage Labour Councillors to defect to your vanity project, particularly at a time when Labour has a real chance of forming the next government.

Don’t ever contact me again.”

Labour Cllr Richard Tucker (Somerset)

“I don’t support Hamas or their sympathisers.”

Labour Cllr Sheila Peacock (Haringey)

“I am sure that you do not support HAMAS  you realise that they kill their own if they do not agree with them. It is about time that you woke up. Please do NOT write to me again”

Labour Councillor Josh Fenton-Glynn (Calderdale)

“I’d rather have root canal than join your cabal of antisemites, Russian propagandists and homophobes.  I have not signed up to your list and never want to hear from you again. Crawl back under the rock you came from.”

Labour Cllr Willie Samuel (Tyneside)

“Not even a mention of the atrocities committed by Hamas that started this. Don’t email me again.”

Labour Cllr Billy Christie (Lavender Fields Ward)

Nothing to say about the despicable terrorist attacks committed by Hamas? Nothing to express solidarity with the innocent Israeli (and international) citizens still being kept hostage by the terrorists? Nothing to demonstrate support and empathy with the Jewish community in the UK who have been subject to an appalling increase in racist abuse and intimidating behaviour? Your continued antisemitic and hate-fuelled rhetoric is just one of the many reasons why I would never, ever, join a party led by such awful people. Please never email me again.

Labour Cllr Peter Marland (Milton Keynes)

“You are anti semitic scumbags”

Our letter to Labour Councillors:

“The heartrending scenes we are witnessing in Palestine have been truly shocking.  In spite of Sir Keir Starmer’s unqualified support for Zionism, I was appalled and flabbergasted that he openly backed Israel’s murderous bombardment, and brutal medieval siege of Gaza. In that context, it is understandable that dozens of councillors and perhaps thousands of members are considering resigning their membership.

I had been a member of the Labour Party for almost 44 years, and was a Labour councillor for 20 years, and a Labour MP for 7½ years when I finally resigned in 2019.  So, I understand that it isn’t an easy decision to quit the party to which you have given so much.

There is an alternative.  Unlike the Labour Party and the other mainstream political parties, the Workers Party GB has given its full-throated and unambiguous support to the Palestinian people.  The Workers Party GB recognises that, after a 16-year-long siege and 75 years of oppression, the uprising in the Gaza concentration camp regrettably felt inevitable.

We know from the reaction of the public at large that, despite the outrageous pro-war propaganda in the corporate media, support for Palestine is overwhelming.  I am therefore inviting you to join me in becoming a member of the Workers Party GB.  The need for a genuine anti-imperialist political party that supports Palestinian liberation has never been greater.  The Workers Party GB stands ready to be the conduit for the fury felt by millions about the horror unfolding in Palestine.  We can translate that anger into respectful political representation to force a meaningful change in the UK’s current diabolical foreign policy.  

If we stand together, we can make a difference.

Best wishes and solidarity.

Chris Williamson

Workers Party GB”

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