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Yemen war statistics

The Yemen government has released the latest statistics concerning the ongoing, aggressive war waged against it by Saudi Arabia and its western backers. The report, compiled by the National team for Foreign Outreach is available to download below.

British corporate media are adept at ignoring the humanitarian crises for which the British ruling class itself bears prime responsibility.

Back in 2019, just a day after a Lords committee declared British weapons sales to Saudi Arabia to be unlawful, foreign minister Jeremy Hunt was in Germany chastising his German counterpart, Heiko Maas, for refusing to sell certain arms components to the Saudis. (Britain’s Saudi weapons sales unlawful, Lords committee finds by Patrick Wintour, The Guardian, 16 February 2019)

“I am very concerned about the impact of the German government’s decision on the British and European defence industry and the consequences for Europe’s ability to fulfil its Nato commitments,” Hunt chided Mr Maas. (Jeremy Hunt urges Germany to rethink Saudi arms sales ban by Patrick Wintour, The Guardian, 20 February 2019)

Saudi Arabia, let’s not forget, is a barbaric theocratic dictatorship waging an incredibly brutal war on Yemen, which has resulted in famine. This illegal war is waged using British arms, but there is no response from FIFA, from the theatre critics, from the Women’s Institute or the European Tree of the Year competition, which is odd as they were very quick to “stand up for peace” in Ukraine. If there are to be moral outrages, surely they must be consistent and not merely launched on the instructions of the Foreign Office and their parrots in the corporate media…

One thought on “Yemen war statistics

  1. Very heart-wrenching & appauling to know how little is being done for Yemen. Hoping in my heart this article gets more and more mass-exposer online. Lifting the curtains-up for those whomever unaware to see the plight of these oppressed peoples. Who have been subjected to 7 years of inhumane brutality. The hypocrisy is widely displayed & spread across UK & US based news media-outlets. Tainted with lies after lies becoming ever-so-more vile & disgusting every-single-day. Showing crystal clear their inequalities & biases. Connivingly covering up their own bloody military endeavours across the global…Whilst at the same time spreading falsehood like it’s normal. Policing & dictating how others should be morally upright but not learning it first & foremost. Absolutely mind-boggling to witness such treacherous ways & how long it has dragged on & on. I hope PEACE does prevail in a world full of tears and innocent blood being shed…DAILY!

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