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No2Nato Conference registration open

In November the Workers Party National Members Council agreed to initiate a campaign to get Britain out of Nato.

We’ve established a preparatory committee with other principled anti-imperialists and we’re putting together a great meeting with party and non-party speakers. It’s important that Workers Party members get along to participate on Saturday 25th February so book your free ticket using the link below.

The UK is the second biggest contributor to Nato. Last year we paid £60 BILLION towards it. For what? We believe Britain would be safer and wealthier outside of Nato.

The danger of world war has never been greater. If the ruling class is unchallenged, it could lead to utter catastrophe.

Join us in London on Saturday 25 February at 2.30pm. We’ll be meeting at St Pancras New Church opposite Euston Station.

Current speakers from the party are George Galloway and Andy Hudd, joined by Chris Williamson, MEPs Clare Daly & Mick Wallace, Grayzone journalists Max Blumenthal & Anya Parampil and musician Lowkey.

2 thoughts on “No2Nato Conference registration open

  1. Hi.

    Can you help me attend this please? I was made redundant before Xmas but still want to attend an event of such importance. There’s no free tickets left

  2. Hi.

    I used to work on the docks. But it’s been tough since the unions went on strike. Really not having much luck at the moment but can’t wait to attend this when rearranged!

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