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No2Nato Conference date announced

The UK is the second biggest contributor to Nato. This year we paid £60 BILLION towards it. For what? The Workers Party believes Britain would be safer and wealthier outside of Nato, and we believe that Britain agrees with us.

The danger of a new war of aggression waged by imperialism has never been greater. If the ruling class is unchallenged, it could lead to utter catastrophe.

Join us in London on Saturday 25 February at 2pm. We’ll be meeting at a central London venue, details to be announced. Our speakers George Galloway, Chris Williamson, Lowkey and Aslef VP Andy Hudd will be joined by a host of other guests to put the case for getting Britain out of Nato. #No2Nato #No2NatoNo2War #Nato #WorkersPartyGB #SocialistLabour

2 thoughts on “No2Nato Conference date announced

  1. The sooner we leave NATO the better…It is now just a corrupted belligerent arm of the warmongering, greedy and corrupt US.

    1. Hate to say it, but the only man capable of reigning NATO in lost an election in 2020.
      Please let me know when the Euston meeting is rescheduled so I can book. Failing that, I guess I will just turn up in central London on 25/2.

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