Ukraine War: why Soledar?

Soledar was taken at great expense of both Russian and Ukrainian lives, Bakhmut is set to be an even more brutal struggle as Germany buckles to US pressure to deploy tanks to Ukraine. The bloodshed is a most regrettable waste of life to fuel NATO’s drive for expansion and all-out war against Russia and China.

No2Nato: NATO, Nazis and West Germany

At the end of 1945 the vast majority of humanity were celebrating the close of the most deadly war in history, the Second World War. In Europe, the Nazi menace had been crushed on the plains of Eastern Europe and in the streets of Berlin by the Red Army, at that time our greatest ally. In Western Europe the British and American’s had finally opened a second front in France that had the Germans penned in. Between the Soviet hammer and the Anglo-American anvil the Nazi regime was shattered, and Hitler had blown his brains out as Soviet soldiers were closing in, liberating Berlin street by street.

US to send Patriot Missiles to Ukraine

US liberal news outlet, CNN, announced that the Biden administration is finalising plans to transport their infamous Patriot Missile Defence system to Ukraine to counter Russian air superiority. Russia’s strategy has been to use aerial bombardment to knock out strategic infrastructure targets to wither Ukraine’s ability to continue its war effort and bring the Kiev regime to the negotiating table.

No2Nato Conference registration open

The UK is the second biggest contributor to Nato. Last year we paid £60 BILLION towards it. For what? We believe Britain would be safer and wealthier outside of Nato.

The danger of world war has never been greater. If the ruling class is unchallenged, it could lead to utter catastrophe..