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Brighton TUC fringe meeting draws near…

At the TUC Conference in Brighton this September, all the real talk will be happening on the fringe. From 7pm on the evening of Monday 12 September, the Workers Party will be offering three great speakers for the bargain price of £4.89.

Joining WPB leader George Galloway will be Jason Turvey from our own Trade Union Group – seen in action above – and Andy Hudd, ASLEF EC Vice President.

At a city centre location – details TBC – you’ll hear them discuss one of the burning questions of our time: what is the future of the link between our unions and the Labour party?

Only organised labour on the advance can consign the cost of living crisis to history. But now, when unions are being forced to take action, Starmer’s Labour party are conspicuous by their absence.

The trade union movement needs an answer to the question – by keeping the link with Labour, are we just throwing good money after bad?

George, Jason and Andy will be talking on this and an awful lot more. Seating is limited to 70, so get your tickets while they last.