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By-election campaigning underway

The Workers Party is standing in the Sparkbrook and Balsall Heath East by-election on October 6th. Our candidate is Phil Bevin who worked in Jeremy Corbyn’s office before the 2019 general election. Phil is a passionate housing campaigner, trade unionist and socialist.

The Ward is a typical inner-city area in Labour run Birmingham city council, where unemployment is running at 11.5%, joblessness is twice the national average, child poverty stats say that 43% of children are in distress and more than 100,000 in official poverty. Startling achievements for any Labour council.

Phil is standing on a platform promising to be visible for his community, campaign for free bus travel for all local children, push the council to deal with acute poverty and expose the rank hypocrisy of Labour career politicians in the city. If you can help, give him a call on 0333 33 55 782.