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Enough is Enough – Break the Link with Labour!

Protesters marching from Parliament Square along Whitehall towards Downing Street.

The Workers Party welcomes the emergence of every campaign which genuinely seeks to stand up for working class interests.

The five demands of Enough is Enough mirror closely those commitments we made in our Ten Point Programme when we launched the Workers Party of Britain in 2019.

In our view, a fundamental and necessary first step to help us win these demands is breaking our political ties to the Labour Party, a party of broken promises, a party that stands opposed to socialism and the working class.

For that reason, whilst we encourage members to participate constructively in this campaign we sound a word of caution. Left Labourism is a political dead end. No attempt can or should be made to hoodwink the working class into backing the Labour Party which does not serve their class interests.

The prominent role of a number of ‘left’ supposed ‘socialist’ MPs in the campaign is a warning to workers that, just as with the Don’t Pay UK movement, the ruling class will attempt to divert anti-capitalist sentiment down safe channels.

Working for the political independence of our trade union movement remains our principled position guiding our work in this campaign and many others.

Image: Alisdare HicksonCost of living protest in London – 12 February 2022CC BY-SA 4.0