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Party Congress 2023

Page Updated 5 December 2023

The 2023 Congress of the Workers Party of Britain was held on Saturday 2 December and Sunday 3 December in Birmingham. The agenda and reports can be read below. The report of the results of voting is here:

Agenda & Business

Our Pre-Congress Discussion

Economics: prices, capitalism and socialism, migration.

Contribution from Peter Ford on migration

Contribution from Tim Pendry on developing a Q & A on migration policy

Contribution from Jurgen and Alex on migration policy

Contribution from Chris Williamson: MMT and economics

Contribution from K Carter of the WP TU Group: on restricting the export of Capital

Contribution from E Renyard: Money, exploitation and class

Contribution from editors of Labour Affairs: Central Bank Independence

Contribution from Tim: Bank of England and independence

Contribution from Peter Ford: a discussion on a draft motion on the Bank of England

Wealth Tax

Contribution Paul Brown: the Tories and a Wealth Tax

Contribution from Nikola: Wealth Tax: Labour says No

Congress Discussion: the Trade Unions by Ed Renyard and Lauren Wilson

Contribution Lauren Wilson: our commitment to trade unionism

Democracy, industrial and political

Contribution from editors of Labour Affairs: Parliamentary Democracy and the working class

Climate: green policy and NetZero.

Contribution Peter Ford: Referendum on NetZero

Contribution Peter Ford: a discussion on a draft motion on Net Zero

Contribution: Tim P: developing a Q&A on green policy questions

Contribution: Nikola B: Net Zero is a class issue

Ukraine, Nato and the anti-war movement.

Contribution by Nikola B: the war and the British trade union movement

The party welcomes contributions for discussion on all other subjects, including the strategy and tactics of the party, elections, social issues. These do not have to take the form of specific resolutions, they will all be published in the pre-Congress discussion with the discretion of the General Secretary.

Elections for officer positions

Candidate Elected
George Galloway – Party Leader
A Hudd – Deputy Leader
Chris Williamson – Deputy Leader
P Ford – Deputy Leader
P Cannon – General Secretary

Elections to NMC

Candidate Elected
A Russell
E Renyard
Gt Galloway
H Sutcliffe
K Cremer
L Wilson
R Amos
P Higgins
C Murphy
J Clayden
J Maxted
A Schulman
P Bevin
J Winney
J Wolf
S Bloor
N Bryce
K Glebocki
N Knowles
T Pendry