Party Congress 2023

Page Updated 28 September

Our Congress over the weekend of December 2-3 is our chance to develop our vision for a better Britain, to take stock of our achievements so far, and to chart a course for the next four years. We will have wide-ranging discussion on a variety of topics, vote on motions and elect a new national members council, party leader and general secretary for the next term. As agreed by the national members council meeting of August 29th, all those members in good standing as of September 1st 2023 are eligible for full membership rights at Congress. All new or lapsed members at that date or after, may participate fully without vote, and speaking rights at the Chair’s discretion.

All full members can submit motions and nominations and are encouraged also to submit discussion pieces as part of the pre-Congress discussion. We shall publish all documents online as they come in, as we have done previously this year for our Conferences.

Visit this page for updates.


Motion 1: Develop an Industrial Strategy and demands for Workers Control

Our Pre-Congress Discussion

Economics: prices, capitalism and socialism.

Contribution from editors of Labour Affairs: Central Bank Independence

Contribution from Tim: Bank of England and independence

Contribution from Peter Ford: a discussion on a draft motion on the Bank of England

Wealth Tax

Contribution Paul Brown: the Tories and a Wealth Tax

Contribution from Nikola: Wealth Tax: Labour says No

Contribution Lauren Wilson: our commitment to trade unionism

Democracy, industrial and political

Contribution from editors of Labour Affairs: Parliamentary Democracy and the working class

Climate: green policy and NetZero.

Contribution Peter Ford: Referendum on NetZero

Contribution Peter Ford: a discussion on a draft motion on Net Zero

Contribution: Tim P: developing a Q&A on green policy questions

Ukraine, Nato and the anti-war movement.

Contribution by Nikola B: the war and the British trade union movement

The party welcomes contributions for discussion on all other subjects, including the strategy and tactics of the party, elections, social issues. These do not have to take the form of specific resolutions, they will all be published in the pre-Congress discussion with the discretion of the General Secretary.

Nominations for officer positions

Candidate NominatedNominated by
George Galloway – Party LeaderC Williamson, P Cannon
A Hudd – Deputy LeaderG Galloway, P Cannon
Chris Williamson – Deputy LeaderG Galloway, P Cannon
P Ford – Deputy LeaderG Galloway, P Cannon
P Cannon – General SecretaryG Galloway, E Renyard
Under our new draft rulebook there are five elected officer positions: Leader, three Deputy Leader and General Secretary. Candidates must accept their nominations.

Nominations to NMC

Candidate NominatedNominated by
G RivaudR Amos
A RussellP Cannon, J Maxted
E RenyardP Cannon, J Maxted
Gt GallowayP Cannon, J Maxted
G GallowayP Cannon, J Maxted
H SutcliffeP Cannon, J Maxted
K CremerP Cannon, J Maxted
L WilsonP Cannon, J Maxted
P CannonP Cannon, J Maxted
R AmosP Cannon, J Maxted
P HigginsP Cannon, J Maxted
C MurphyP Cannon, J Maxted
A HuddP Cannon, J Maxted
J ClaydenJ Maxted
J MaxtedP Cannon
A SchulmanP Cannon, J Maxted
P BevinP Cannon
J WinneyP Cannon, J Maxted
J WolfP Cannon, J Maxted
D GregsonP Cannon
C WilliamsonP Cannon, J Maxted
S BloorP Cannon, J Maxted
P FordP Cannon
G PachentP Cannon
P GregsonJ Wolf
P ScrivensJ Maxted
under the draft rulebook there are 20 openings on the NMC, candidates must accept their nomination.

Congress Dates

Announcement September 2023

Resolutions to be submitted by Sunday 19 November

Amendments to be submitted by Sunday 26 November

Nominations open for: Party Leader, Deputy Leader & General Secretary and delegates to the National Members Council. Nominations close 19 November.

All submissions in writing to the General Secretary or addressed to The General Secretary, Workers Party, Committee Room, MASC, 91 Church Road, B13 9EA.

*If you need to discuss your membership status email


An update to our rule book shall be submitted to Congress after review by a sub-committee that has been appointed by the NMC. Standing order and procedure shall follow as closely as possible the original rule book adopted by the Founding Congress in December 2019 which says:

“10. Party Congress

The Party Congress is the decision-making body of the Party. The Party Congress meets at least once every four years.

The Members Council gives notice summoning a Congress at least four weeks before the date of the Congress and issues the Agenda.

Questions affecting the Programme, Rules and issues of principle are decided by the Party Congress. Between Congresses, the Members Council takes responsibility for all such decisions.

All resolutions are passed by a simple majority of hands of those voting except resolutions to change the Programme or the Rules, which require a three-quarters majority.”

Congress Arrangements

Arrangements and details of how to register for Congress have been circulated to all members. Check your emails.

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