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Referendum on NetZero



  • It’s an idea whose time has come. Labour and Tory alike have failed to speak up for the millions of workers and businesses who have concerns.
  • Many proposals have been anti-social, worker-harming & unpractical
  • Costly net zero measures come at a time when millions are going without life’s essentials

How would it work?

Simple. The resolution to be put to the vote would be this:

  • ‘The Climate Act of 2008, as amended in 2019, committing the government to achieving Net Zero by 2050, should be maintained. Do you agree?’

It is not a referendum on ‘net zero’ itself, or even the target of 2050 for achieving it. It is not remotely near ‘climate denial’.

Why support us?

  • Millions think Net Zero is going too far too fast…
  • Let’s open up the debate on protecting workers jobs, rights and freedoms
  • The main political parties are all varying shades of green. They offer no real choice. They all want Net Zero on the unrealistic timescale of 2050. The referendum gives you a chance, to say No to the political establishment.

What about the climate emergency?

  • We all agree on the urgent need for clean water, fresh air and the protection of the environment and animals
  • We need a debate across society on how we go about this. Sustainable solutions begin with social measures, better public transport, support for families and business, not LTN’s, Lithium mines and corporate greenwashing
  • The referendum gives voters a chance to endorse Teresa May’s 2019 decision to make the 2050 target a legal obligation.
  • The referendum gives industry the space to raise openly concerns over the durability and performance of new ‘green’ products and building materials, the failure to manage these risks threaten new tragedies like Grenfell.

Following a snap survey of our supporters on Telegram and social media, a fair cross-section agree it would be good for the WPB to promote the idea of a referendum on Net Zero.

This was taken to and discussed in full at the Party national members council on Tuesday 25 July.

A draft proposal was discussed by the NMC and unanimously agreed. The objective is to encourage a proper two-sided discussion of the issues, and pursue our core aim of fairness for working people.

We are open to working with everyone who is willing to work with us on this issue. Get in touch

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7 thoughts on “Referendum on NetZero

  1. This theatre performance of Net Zero and associated green decorations are an elaborate cover for upcoming scarcity of essential, finite resources including oil, metals and minerals.

    The Davos crowd understand that growth is almost over. That is why the leaders of capitalism have all signed up to dismantle the economy. Managed decline is preferable to chaotic decline.

    Abundance and prosperity may have a time limit, but we must fight for our freedoms.

    Follow me to learn more:

  2. Yes, a referendum….but only following a major debate on the whole man made climate change scam

  3. Despite the article stating that this is NOT about human influenced climate change denial, there are a few comments on here that appear to imply that it should be. I hope that, should a referendum ever occur that the question is not a simple binary option and that clear distinction is made between opinion, belief and scientific data (and how we can safeguard against data being presented in way which may distort for the purposes of promoting an opinion).

  4. I thought the idea of new politics in an economic matter whereby we discuss the living standards of ordinary people of the UK would be better suited to be distracted against the narrative.
    I think another poltical party being distracted and say that they represent the working class would not be well receptive amongst the towns and cities in the clubs, pubs and social circles up and down the UK right now. All very well that this referendum indirectly would become an economic and energy matter per se, yet people struggling to pay for their food bills and their inability to have a leisurely lifestyle they richly deserve after a hard days graft would not be receptive to the everyday struggles of paying for school uniforms, putting food on the tables for their families while we have more food banks than Macdonalds and a housing shortage bereft of tent cities in the US and high streets being boarded up and pub closures abound being closed each day, trust me I belong in a working class town and once lived in the inner city borough of London both blighted by crime and poverty and the last things on their minds is net zero, net zero to them is not having enough money in their pockets.
    As much as I would give my support to WPGB please lets get back to the narrative about the above concerns of everyday people rather than being another Bourgeoise prententious middle class party that purportedly against the liberal cultural nonsense that WPGB rails against.
    The WPGB I think would be better served as the working class party of GB and not be distracted by a debate that many people simply dont have the time for.
    P.S I agree that electric cars so expensive to purchase, yet would we not be denying a socialist countryso much relying on reserves to get people out of poverty as Bolivia with highest reserves of Lithium?, and what of China the thirds largest producer of lithium just saying!

  5. Sorry, I think this is a poor idea. Climate-wise, we’re going to hell in a handcart. Of course the UK doesn’t really suffer from global warming (apart from some floods) – it’s the people of Africa, who are losing their livelihoods through drought- only to land on our shores as they seek any kind of future. The people behind this motion should take a trip to the Sahara, or anywhere that the desert is growing like billy-o, to realise we can dither and delay on this (as Boris might have put it).
    The WPGB is getting sidelined with rightist populism which will win us support only from the “climate-change deniers” who are content to fiddle while Rome burns.

    We don’t need a referendum on net Zero. We need a debate on how best to get there.

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