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Discussion: on a draft motion on Net Zero

The following draft is submitted for pre-Congress discussion by Peter Ford.

We note that it is becoming increasingly apparent that government measures afoot aimed at allowing the UK to reach Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050 are far more popular with vested interests such as electric car manufacturers, landowners hosting wind farms, bankers and well- funded ‘think tanks’ and ‘NGO’s’ than with ordinary working people. It is also increasingly apparent, in Europe as well as the UK,  that the planned measures will if implemented cause severe damage to livelihoods as well as to energy security,   while countries emitting far more carbon than the UK are not themselves committed to the same extent as the UK.  

We further note that the scaling back of some of the measures represents only a stay of execution and that even this is threatened by possible legal action based on the fact that Net Zero commitments are enshrined in British law. We draw the inescapable conclusion that workers’ interests demand a change in the legislation which alone can achieve the necessary dismantling of the commitments arising from reckless pursuit of Net Zero goals.

We resolve that the WPB will pursue a policy of exerting pressure by all means possible for cancellation of the target of achieving Net Zero by 2050.

We further resolve that the WPB should be ready to work with like-minded parties to campaign for a referendum on changing the relevant legislation.

The author welcomes feedback prior to submission of a final draft for the Congress deadline. Comments section is on (below), or email

2 thoughts on “Discussion: on a draft motion on Net Zero

  1. I still await compelling evidence that supports the suggestion of a climate emergency. I suspect that there is none such evidence. If it were not for the incessant media coverage we would not notice any climate problem.
    Unfortunately, most people have accepted this nonsense just as they did the covid nonsense.
    Well done to the Workers Party for standing up to the anti-worker climate policies.

  2. An important draft on the real motivations for the ‘Net Zero’ policies, which in reality will enrich corporate capitalist interests at the expense of ordinary working people. Truth is more important than climate ‘virtue signalling’.

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