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Former British Ambassador Peter Ford joins the Workers Party

Lauren interviews Peter Ford on his reasons for joining the Workers Party

Former British Ambassador to Bahrain and Syria and Workers Party activist Peter Ford discusses his decades long anti-imperialist campaigning, his desire to develop campaigns against the net zero agenda and Bank of England policies that are harming British workers.

Now is the time to build an alternative party for the working class. One that is free of the idolatry and dogmatic excesses of the remnants of the labour movement. A party with a radical economic programme, an independent foreign policy and a rejection of identity politics.

We would remove Britain from Nato and forge a new security arrangement.

A socialist Britain would strengthen the state, our response to organised crime and industrial looting would be emphatic, we would enforce our borders, eliminate the gig (black) economy and restrict the free movement of Capital out of the country.

The Workers Party would defend Brexit and national sovereignty from those who seek to tie us back by new threads to the european block.

A confident Britain would abandon the creeping culture of no platforming, bans, censorship and attacks on freedom of speech.

As the black economy is curtailed, new avenues of industrial development and vocational education can transform the lives of working people. We would champion what is best in our traditions as much as we would support innovation and what is new.

Support for public services and those who care for our children, elderly and disabled would be central to a national campaign to eradicate poverty, insecurity, abuse, loneliness. Support for the family at home and in work, funded with money that the ruling class would happily transfer to Zelensky.

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