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Chris Williamson joins Workers Party

Former Labour MP and Resist founder joins the Workers Party team

Former Labour MP joins WPB

The Workers Party has maintained a friendly and respectful dialogue with the Resist Movement for a number of years.

Resist invited the Workers Party to speak at their Resist Festival and supported our campaign in Batley & Spen in 2021, being one of the very few left groups who genuinely worked with us to return a socialist MP to Parliament. In recent months we’ve worked shoulder to shoulder in opposing the drive to war against Russia.

Resist votes for unity with Workers Party

We are therefore pleased to let our supporters know that two of the founders of Resist, Chris Williamson and Sian Bloor have joined the Workers Party team, and the secretaries of our respective organisations are working out the arrangements for complete unity.

Resist members join the party at an exciting time. Since last Autumn’s pruning the Workers Party has grown new shoots and developed its work in all aspects. In July we were pleased to welcome former Ambassador Peter Ford to the team and in May Nicholas Wroughton joined the Midlands Region of the WPB.

Now is an opportune moment to unite in the Workers Party, led by George Galloway and supported by a growing team of experienced and committed activists.

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