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Day Conference on 1st July – rebuild British industry.

The Workers Party is holding a Day Conference on 1st July to discuss how to rebuild British industry.

The meeting is the latest in our new regular programme of day conferences for party members to discuss important political questions, our Ten Point Programme and a chance to meet and socialise with members from around the country.

We’re delighted to announce that we have two agreed keynote speakers for our next day conference.  Andy Hudd, Aslef Vice President will speak on the challenge of automation and AI faced by trade unionists. Professor Chris Winch, editor of Labour Affairs, will speak on the importance of vocational education for rebuilding British industry.

Invitation for contributions

The conference is on Saturday 1st July in Birmingham. All members are invited to attend and to send in contributions, as before, for publication.

The theme of this conference has been broadly based on Point 2 of our Ten Point Programme “Rebuild British industry”.

The party is inviting contributions of no more than 750 words on the questions below from members. Contributions will be published in the pre-conference paper as before. 

1. What are the factors preventing the rebirth of British industry?

2. What are the industries which modern Britain is built upon?

3. What are the relative merits for the working class and Britain of vocational, work based education over the current push for university education?

4. What is the relationship between capitalism and innovation?

5. Does automation and AI benefit the workers under capitalism?

If you’re not a member but have something to say – why not leave a comment below: