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SLP and WPB public meeting

Speakers from Arthur Scargill’s Socialist Labour Party will join WPB activist Phil Bevin on Saturday to address a meeting about the Crisis in Public Health.

The meeting is being held in central Birmingham, in the upstairs room (third floor) of the Wellington Pub on Bennetts Hill.

The meeting is being held at a time when 33 of the 40 new hospitals promised by the government have yet to have a brick laid or shovel sunk.

According to an article on the BBC:

“Of the 40 hospitals on the list, eight were projects already planned.

BBC News contacted them all, asking for a progress report:

  • 33 said they had not started the main building work yet
  • Five are under construction
  • Two, the Royal Liverpool and the Northern Centre for Cancer Care, are finished and open to patients

Investment seems to be a factor:

  • Eight said they had full funding
  • One hospital did not want to answer
  • 31 said they did not yet have the money to start the core building work but had received some cash to get the project going”

The crisis in healthcare is effecting millions of hard working people. Those who can afford private healthcare are being encouraged to take it. What can be done to push back and get a first rate public healthcare system in place? Come along and have your say.