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Members Voice: War propaganda

By Andrew Wright (Workers Party of Britain Writers Group)

In a recent article by Medea Benjamin and Nicolas J.S. Davies, they report that leaked papers have revealed Ukraine’s war propaganda is, at its best, impressive only for its mendacity.

Corporate media outlets within the NATO regimes have been warm in their approval of this dishonest propaganda, which they have to be, given the fact that NATO countries are openly supporting Ukrainian war aims, and frantically rearming its armed forces.

All of this in spite of the fact that US military intelligence and even the CIA are highly sceptical of Ukrainian propaganda claims.

George Orwell once accurately opined that all propaganda is lies even when its facts are true.  In Ukraine’s case, even their facts are lies.

Military scepticism is much more likely to be believable. Two plus two always has to make four on a battlefield, because accurate casualty figures are vital so adequate numbers of reinforcements can be ferried to the various battlefronts. Politicians rarely like to listen to soldiers. Soldiers are far too close to actual reality.

In my opinion the Ukraine war reveals that neither side is as yet capable of defeating the other in the Donbas region, which is in actuality what the entire conflict is about.  The talk is of stalemate, not only in the Donbas itself, but in Ukraine as a whole.

Nowhere is there any propaganda spin in support of ceasefires or peace negotiations.  The only real winners in the war are, as is usual in every war ever fought, the armaments profiteers and their shareholders. Two plus two always has to equal more war in the corporate boardroom and on the stock market floor.

What we are seeing at this moment is war driven by NATO’s unsleeping desire for eastward expansion of its own boundaries and political-economic dominance in Europe. As ever and always, capitalist imperialist war is about property and profits.