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Ukraine pamphlet selling well

The Workers Party has published a concise pamphlet on the origins of Russia’s Special Military Operation. Those copies that have been pre-ordered are being shipped this week.

At just 44 pages (priced £4.99 inc. P&P or £3 from your branch) it gives the reader a concise historical overview of the years since the collapse of the USSR and the policy of US imperialism towards Russia.

The pamphlet contains George Galloway’s speech made in the second session of the No2Nato Conference in February 2023, and the expertly written, concise history of the origins of the conflict in Ukraine by Dr Pat Walsh. It is our hope that this broad outline will help to educate those in the labour movement still misled by propaganda which claims that this conflict has its origins in the Special Military Operation launched by Russia in February 2022. The origins of this war are in fact to be found in the aggressive designs of imperialism stretching back many years.

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