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Workers Party address Palestine rally

Every year the Al Quds day rally (held on or near the last Friday of Ramadan) is organised in London to express solidarity with the people of Palestine. This year thousands attended the event. The Workers Party was represented by Jon Maxted a housing activist and Workers GB campaigner from Brighton who delivered a message on behalf of the party. Our thanks to Jon and the organisers for a well run event and the opportunity to address the crowd.

The Islamic Human Rights Commission in the run up to the event remarked that “Since the turn of the year around 100 Palestinians have been killed, with many more injured and hundreds detained, as they resist attempts by the Israeli state to impose a still more brutal occupation regime.

“Armed colonial settlers have been allowed to run rampage in the occupied West Bank, torching the town of Huwara, and in doing so receiving encouragement from government ministers, one of whom has chillingly called for the state to launch more pogroms against Palestinian towns and villages.

“As the international community turns a blind eye or acquiesce in the occupation and as Arab regimes seek to normalise relations with Israel, the brutality against Palestinians in their homeland escalates with Israel continuing to expand its settlements, seizing more Palestinian land, demolishing Palestinian homes and assassinating or maiming anyone who gets in the way.”

The full video of the rally and some photos are below:

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