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Glasgow against Nato

Glasgow is a city with a strong anti-war sentiment stretching back many years. Months before No 2 Nato organised a conference of anti-imperialists to launch a nation-wide anti-Nato movement, Glasgow, to its credit, had been organising through the Glasgow Against Nato Action Committee.

The leadership of the Glasgow committee has now helped launch No 2 Nato in Scotland on Monday 3 April. Comrades Colin Buchanan and Eddie McGuire ensured the event went off without a hitch. Glasgow activist Sandy McBurney opened the rally in Glasgow sunshine, and a good number of the 100 or so who were present gave speeches before being joined by George Galloway who closed the rally out in style. The footage of these speeches is below.

A good number signed up to No 2 Nato at the social event afterwards and we encourage anyone who can lend a hand to join using this link:

Courtesy: “TweetStreet Occupied Scotland” on YouTube
George Galloway, leader of the Workers GB
Sandy McBurney opening remarks

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