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Zelensky spills the beans on Bakhmut

Ukrainian president, Volodymr Zelensky made a tremendous confession on the importance of Bakhmut as a potential turning point in the war. A Russian victory in Bakmut could “put Ukraine’s hard-fought momentum at risk.” The loss of Bakhmut would “…enable Russia to start building international support for a deal that would require his nation to make unacceptable compromises.”

What is clear is that Zelensky is not quite as afraid of Russian forces as he is of his own people. Zelensky commented that “[o]ur society will feel tired. Our society will push me to have compromise with them.” God forbid! The Ukrainian people will rise up against the tyranny that is the Kiev regime and apply the necessary pressure to force Zelensky to the negotiating table, an opportunity long-offered by the Russian government. 

This outcome will benefit not only the Ukrainian people, but also the Russian people and people all across the world who are impacted by this disastrous and wasteful conflict. However, this outcome will result in dire consequences for the Kiev junta who have made a literal killing from this war along with the war profiteers of the west. It will also be of dire consequence to the imperialist governments of America and western Europe who wish to maintain their parasitic stranglehold over the globe.

Our real enemy does not reside in Moscow but in our very own country. Making our laws, charging taxes and in due course planning to send us to die in wars of their own making. But this does not have to be the future, we have a choice to make.

Support the No2NATO campaign by signing our petition (Invoke Article 13 of the North Atlantic Treaty to withdraw the UK from (NATO). – Petitions ( Building the campaign for a Brexit out of NATO will send a strong signal to the world that the people of Britain – like the heroic people of France – will not sit idly by whilst their country is dragged to the abyss of imperialist war. We must send a strong signal also to the traitors who occupy government posts and sacrifice our national well being to satisfy the diktats of Washington and finance capital.

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