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No 2 Nato Glasgow meeting: financial appeal

Our Glasgow venue is under pressure from pro-war trolls to cancel on our April 3 launch meeting. Threats and intimidation once again are intended to stifle democratic debate.  

Our detractors complain to our venue (and we quote):

“This event is calling for sanctions removal of International Criminal”

“This event is not anti-war, it is anti-Ukraine.”

“George Galloway being in attendance and he denies clearly documented war crimes.”

“This is a pro-Russia rally.”

individuals who falsely claim to “have attended your past events in London and they say they were confronted with Russian t-shirts and flags and that they openly support Putin and Russia”

and that No 2 Nato “are a thinly disguised apologist for Russian propaganda and aggression in Europe”

Event management plans, risk assessments, security arrangements become tools by which democratic debate is closed off to a movement of volunteers with no funding, no paid staff, no professional employees.

This is yet another attack on our freedom of speech, on the freedom of those who want to discuss the danger facing our country from an expansion of the terrible consequences of a war with Russia. We are not going to be daunted or intimidated and we will simply find another venue should the present arrangements fall through. We need the help of our supporters to ensure that we can pay for a new venue, fund security and any and all additional costs incurred from any forced changes. Whatever hurdles are put in our way, we will jump them, with your support.

Join us in Glasgow as we launch No2Nato Scotland. This event follows on from our London meeting where hundreds of anti-war activists met on Saturday 25 February. The Glasgow meeting venue will be kept a secret until the day of the event when all those who are registered will be sent details of how to attend. The venue is less than ten minutes from Glasgow city centre. Our main speaker will be George Galloway.

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Important Ticketing Information

Due to a campaign of intimidation, aimed at shutting down the voice for peace, a ticket to this event will not guarantee entrance. Entrance on the day will be subject to security checks on the door to ensure the safety of all.

Please note: no refunds.

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