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EU throwing missiles into prolonging Ukraine war

by Lara Spurr (Workers GB Writers Group)

It looks like the Kiev regime has been successful once again in securing the promise of more military tech from EU countries. Italy and France appear set to supply Ukraine with the SAMP-T missile defence system, ostensibly to protect its critical infrastructure and cities from Russian missiles according to Ukrainian officials.

Italian Defense Minister Guido Crosetto, on being questioned about the exact contents of the latest arms package, stated “Ukraine and our allies will be happy about it”, reinforcing Rome’s commitment to aiding the Ukraine side. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni promised such support for Kiev during her election campaign, prompting some analysts to point out the fact that her party – Brotherhood of Italy – has roots in the Italian neo-fascist movement, and that this may be the real reason for her sympathy for the country. The legacies of Bentio Mussolini and Stepan Bandera remain alive and well in the world today.

Rome has tended to be rather secretive about its military aid packages to Kiev, indicating only that this latest deal may well include some sort of missile defence system which will be decided in conjunction with Paris. Though nothing is confirmed, it’s likely that Italy will supply the launchers and France will supply the rockets. It has been confirmed however that late last year both countries ordered 700 Aster missiles which are used by this system.

It’s worth noting a couple of things about Crosetto. He believes that peace negotiations with Russia are pointless, favouring instead a position which will effectively prolong the war in the east, to the benefit only of such as western arms manufacturers. He was also, up until taking office as Defence Minister, the president of the Italian defence industry association. So, he likely has a lot of unaccountable chums in the business gaining lots of Euros from keeping this conflict going (along with many Ukrainian oligarchs on yachts in Monaco who’ve been busy laundering western taxpayers’ money into their own pockets, and likely up their noses!)

Meanwhile, thousands upon thousands of people have died in a conflict which need never have happened at all if NATO countries had not spoken with a forked tongue and behaved like the predatory imperialist bullies they’ve grown accustomed to being.

Crosetto has echoed many other western leaders in pleading the case for a show of strength by the west against Russia in the name of “respect for international rules”. This is so absurd it is laughable when we consider the perfidious actions of western powers not only in places like the middle east, but around the globe in the decades since World War 2.

The “international rules based order” which so many western leaders pay lip service to, is nothing but a hollow incantation uttered by the fervent adherents of the cult of neoliberalism. This “holy writ” apparently only upholds any meaningful benefit to a handful of wealthy corporations who always seem to profit from whatever is done in the name of it. The Workers Party, as point 1 of its 10 Point Plan, will extricate Britain from NATO and its imperialist projects. We will no longer be beholden to the tyranny of the global “profits-based order” which demands more expansion, more war, more plunder of resources. The day cannot come a moment too soon for all our sakes.

2 thoughts on “EU throwing missiles into prolonging Ukraine war

  1. Nato broke its promises of the Minsk agreement as admitted by Angela Merkel they broke their promise not yo expand eastwards after the Soviet breakup in the early 90,s the Westvturned a blind eye to the ousting by a couple led by the Cia of a democratically elected leader in Ukraine and put their own puppet leader in place they turned a blind eye yo yhe Odessa Massacre by Nazi thugs they turned a blind eye to the thousands of ethnic Russians being murdered in the East of Ukraine and then they start to take action when yhe Russians fight back America and its allies in Nato are hypocrites

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