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Nato birthday not a cause of celebration

NATO soon marks its 74th anniversary. But for those of us who cherish peace, liberty and fraternity there is little to pop the bubbly over. By Workers GB Writers Group

Nato – a child born from the hatred of socialism

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization followed the smaller European alliance created by the Treaty of Brussels. Signed into existence on the 4th of April 1949, it followed rising tension in the west since the closing months of the Second World War, when the Red Army after pursuing the Nazi war machine across the plains and steppe of Eastern Europe finally broke it in the streets of Berlin.

Alarmed by the Red Army’s ability the British military planned to invade the Soviet Union in July 1945. The military plan produced was aptly entitled ‘Operation Unthinkable’ and proposed throwing 47 division at the Red Army through Germany.

The aim was merely “to impose upon Russia the will of the United States and the British Empire”[1] and recognised that “If we are to embark on war with Russia, we must be prepared to be committed to a total war, which would be both long and costly”.[2] 

On the 4th April 1949 NATO was brought into being to contain socialism.


With Europe playing host to British and American bases the encirclement of Russia had begun. The alliance would continue expand to form in 1949 and then include in 1955 West Germany in spite of the Soviet Union calling for a united and neutral country to be installed as a buffer – ring bells, anyone?

In turn NATO, and particularly the United States, rehabilitated a country it had waged war upon only a decade prior. It was armed and its Nazi war criminal Officers such as Adolf Heusinger, Ernst Ferber, Karl Schnell, Franz Joseph Schulze and other contemptable war criminals were redeployed as the ‘Bundeswehr’, a rebranded Wehrmacht, in the cause of NATO.

As such NATO was the capitalist military bloc set against the socialist states. In the face of NATO expansion the Warsaw Pact was a predictable repost, established at the behest of East Germany and Poland in 1955.

The United States in particular and NATO by extension would provoke hostilities by sanctioning and embargoing the socialist states, and would begin stationing troops, nukes and bases from Western Europe, to Turkey, to the Gulf of Persia, Japan, South Korea and to the Arctic, effectively surrounding Soviet Russia and its allies.

Other alliances were made as well as CONTRA’s, death squads, coups and colour revolutions to bolster the position of capitalism, NATO and the United States on the world stage.

Soviet collapse didn’t make the world any safer

Yet the collapse of the Soviet Union over thirty years ago has not extinguished NATO, in fact it has been bolstered by its eastward expansion up to the border of the Russian Federation. Those ex-socialist nations were gobbled up by the EU, their economies privatised and their industry expropriated by the companies of the United States or the EU.

Those who have dared face the creeping tendrils of western imperialism have always faced annihilation, that’s true of Asia, the Americas and Africa, but also Europe too. Yugoslavia was one such country that dared. The price was NATO bombing and the dismemberment of the country.

Into the 21st century NATO shows no signs of halting the march to war. Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, coups and colour revolutions in Georgia, Kyrgyzstan, Venezuela, Bolivia and finally Ukraine show that three quarters of a century after its inception the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation shows no signs of peace.