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Successful school held on history of Labour party

A party day school on the history of the Labour party was held in October. Amongst the speakers were Chris Williamson (former Labour MP for Derby North), Ed Renyard (an activist with the WPB) and Dr Phil Bevin (a former aide to Jeremy Corbyn).

Over the course of the next week we’ll publish clips and footage from the event and in Derby on 3 December we’ll again hold a day school for members and friends to come and discuss the history of the party, its present trajectory and what that means for the British working class.

Working class education is a cornerstone of the Workers Party constitution. Every week George Galloway helps millions to interpret the events of the day, draw the correct conclusions, raise the level of awareness about the schemes of the ruling class, the financiers and big capitalists and how these impact on the lives of everyday working people.

Working class education isn’t just about big books, although sometimes they come in handy. Our speakers have read the big books, digested them and will give a brief summary of their thoughts in the hope of inspiring lively discussion. Socialist books (including some big ones) will be available to buy on the day.

Without socialist ideology we cannot have a socialist movement, without understanding our past struggles we are unable to chart a course today. Therefore, attendance at party schools, study of working class history and lively discussion of all aspects of social life are paramount.