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National Members Council meet in Manchester

The National Members Council of the Workers Party met in Manchester on Sunday following a successful public meeting on the Saturday evening.

Meeting in Manchester party leader George Galloway spoke of the urgent need for a socialist party to represent working class interests. Aslef Vice President Andy Hudd, speaking in a personal capacity as a supporter of the Workers Party explained the situation in todays trade union movement and the creeping realisation amongst thousands of members that Labour no longer represented their class interests.

A short Q&A after the meeting with family joining in

National Members Council

On Sunday 20 November the national members council reviewed the work of 2022 and prepared notes in preparation for its Annual Report. Reviewing the party output and having regard to the conflicting work pressures of a number of comrades, not least deputy leader Joti Brar, the following resolution was carried unanimously:

Resolution of demotion (Rule Book Point 8): This NMC of the Workers Party places on record its thanks to comrade Joti Brar for the services she has rendered as Deputy Leader. In view of the conflicting demands on her work, the Workers Party removes Joti Brar from the NMC and position of Deputy Leader.

On Tuesday 22 November party leader George Galloway received notification from Joti Brar that she and a small number of supporters were resigning or withdrawing their support for the Workers Party. The Workers Party of Britain welcomes the participation in its ranks of communists (and non-communists) from any party, but the Workers Party is not a communist party and had no intention of becoming yet another party of this type.

The Annual Report of the Workers Party for 2022 will be published in December. A series of meetings in the new year are pencilled in, notably our support for a Conference to discuss Britain’s role in Nato on Saturday 25 February (Nato: friend or foe?).

Members and supporters were also urged to fall in behind and give their maximum support to the industrial action being waged by the trade union movement this winter, particularly by members of Aslef, the RMT, and the CWU. A party statement on the CWU dispute with Royal Mail was published on Telegram on Tuesday 22 November.