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Meet our candidates: Lisa Roddy, Oldham, Chadderton South

“My name is Lisa Roddy and I live in South Chadderton.

I have been working with homeless people for the past twenty years, and currently work helping homeless families. 

I was in the Labour party for most of my adult life, campaigning, leafleting, and I also spent some time as secretary of the local party. I was also active in my local community and spent time as secretary and then vice chair of my local resident’s association. 

In the last few years, I have noticed more and more that the Labour Party no longer works for the benefit of the working class, and so I left the party and stopped paying them for the pleasure of watching them betray me. We have two business parties and no party working for the people.

I did plenty of research and found a new party called the Workers Party of Britain. They have a ten-point programme that confirms what they aim to do, and made it clear that this will not change.

After the betrayal committed by Labour, lying and misinforming us while taking us into illegal wars and reducing our rights and protections, even reducing the power of unions I was reluctant to sign up straight away.

I monitored the Workers Party of Britain for almost a year, I watched and read everything they put out, and then researched what they said to see if it was the truth. I even watched every single episode of a programme called the Mother of all Talk Shows (MOATS), which is a show that’s on Sunday evenings at 7pm and is hosted by the Leader – George Galloway.

To be honest I was looking for a reason to doubt them. Thankfully I failed to find a reason not to join them. Helping the working class is central to everything they do. They stand for us, not for big business, or fire and rehire, or illegal wars, or privatisation. So I joined them and will work with them for the good of the working class.”