What kind of Britain?

In May 2021, vote Workers Party of Britain

In Wales this February, we were pleased to announce that we had our first town councillor, James Ball in Rhyl, north Wales. In May, we’ll be running for a number of seats including the Senedd on the list for South Wales Central only.

In Scotland, we are standing in the Helensburgh by-election in March 2021. In May, we will stand in the Scottish parliamentary elections as part of the Alliance4Unity. We urge all supporters to visit the Alliance website, where we will be announcing our candidates. Also please keep an eye on the All4Unity Twitter where our tactical voting recommendations are being issued.

In England, we will have a number of candidates standing in local elections, from Northumbria to Cornwall and many places in between. The Workers Party does not advocate a policy of standing in all places at all costs, nor do we believe that our work is purely electoral. Our selection of seats corresponds to our specific branch-building aims, progress against which is measured in the party’s Annual Report, and which complements our overall strategic aim of building a new working-class politics in Britain.

Our electoral team has approved candidates in wards across Britain:

Our political beliefs

The Workers Party believes that the present economic crisis, compounded by the coronavirus pandemic, has demonstrated that it is the working class who keep Britain ticking. Key workers up and down the country have kept our cupboards full and our country moving through some of the darkest months in living memory.

The last year has demonstrated the importance of a planned economy; it has demonstrated the need for the directing role of the state in ensuring a prosperous economy with good working conditions for workers in the years ahead.

Years of free-market fundamentalism have gutted Britain of its industries, undermined our manufacturing and productive industries, undermined the resilience of our NHS and adversely destabilised proud working-class traditions, culture and way of life.


No matter where you stood on Brexit, today our priority must be to build a Britain that protects workers’ rights, supports families and nurtures productive industries. What sort of future will there be if jobs are not protected and industry supported through the worst-ever capitalist crisis and the combined effects of this trauma with the coronavirus pandemic? This is the question in many working people’s minds.

Our six-point national platform

All Workers Party candidates stand for the principals enshrined in our ten-point programme. In the local elections in England and Wales, our candidates are also standing on the following programme, confirming the definite steps we will take to alleviate the distress of the British working class.

If elected to office, our members will struggle in their communities for:

  1. Local opportunities to rebuild British industry and infrastructure and protect local businesses, jobs, services and our natural environment.
  2. No increase in council tax until local authorities have lobbied and won from national government a policy of a Corona Tax of 5% on the wealth of those individuals with fortunes in excess of £10 million.
    Such a tax on the richest members of our society has the potential to generate more than £17bn in tax revenue from just 4,500 multimillionaires – more than enough revenue to protect jobs and services.
  3. Decent, affordable, secure housing for all, the protection of social housing stock and the rights of tenants and small landlords in the face of aggressive monopolistic groupings.
  4. Free school meals for all children at local authority schools and academies, paid for from the cash reserves built up since 2010 by local authorities, which now sit on billions of pounds’ worth of ringfenced reserves.
  5. Protection of local healthcare services, including the provision of all necessary support services for the disabled and the elderly, with full support to enable families to look after their elderly, including nursing homes and sheltered accommodation for those in need of them, so that all workers are able to live full, dignified and meaningful lives.
  6. Free travel for children on buses throughout Britain. Whilst children in London have benefitted from such a scheme for many years, the bus companies in most cities and towns, as well as in rural areas, hold a virtual monopoly on public transport.
    Free travel on buses will provide children with access to education, work, cultural and social opportunities, as well as alleviating some of the excessive burden upon parents’ incomes. Additionally, such a measure will help to reduce the emissions from cars on the roads. Many concessionary schemes are already part funded through taxpayers’ money, and full funding of such schemes will benefit local economies rather than hindering them. Rather than allowing the scheme in London to be abolished, we want to see it in place across Britain.


Interested in standing as a Workers Party of Britain candidate? Read our guide to becoming a local election candidate.


All enquiries can be made to info@workerspartybritain.org or by telephone to our national officer Edward: 07756766215 or in writing to 274 Moseley Road, B12 0BS.