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There should be no such thing as absolute poverty in Britain

Absolute poverty levels are reported to be at their highest for 30 years, in one of the wealthiest countries on earth. Labour apparently said the statistics were “horrifying”. So what are they going to do about it? Implement further austerity and sell off what few public services we have left.

Birmingham branch statement: Infant mortality rate almost double the national level

A shocking report has found that infant mortality levels in Birmingham are seven deaths per 1,000 live births, compared with 3.9 deaths in England overall, with more than 100 babies dying before their first birthday each year in the city.

Tories agree to spend an extra £170 million feeding hungry children

The Workers Party welcomes the government’s latest U-turn – forced by the outrage of the working class generally and the high-profile campaigning of England football star Marcus Rashford in particular – over the plight of hungry children in Britain, but we believe the state should go much further in ensuring a decent start for all Britain’s children.