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Education Anti-Poverty Coalition adds voice to Free School Meals

Campaigners from the new Education Anti-Poverty Coalition are calling for child benefit to rise by £20 a week and the expansion of free school meals to tackle poverty and ensure all pupils have a fair chance at school. According to newspaper reports the coalition includes the Fair Education Alliance, Child Poverty Action Group and National Education Union.

Members Voice: Only organised workers can fight back against child hunger!

In this instalment of Members Voice, Birmingham WPB activist Jess Williams gives an impassioned call to action. British workers need socialism now – not just for ourselves, but for theContinue reading “Members Voice: Only organised workers can fight back against child hunger!”

Tories agree to spend an extra £170 million feeding hungry children

The Workers Party welcomes the government’s latest U-turn – forced by the outrage of the working class generally and the high-profile campaigning of England football star Marcus Rashford in particular – over the plight of hungry children in Britain, but we believe the state should go much further in ensuring a decent start for all Britain’s children.