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Congress Motion: establish an educational committee

Submitted by Jon Maxted, Jesse Winney and Megas Alexandros

Motion: Establish a party educational committee to develop a membership training programme

Congress recognises that as our party continues to grow in size there will be a commensurate growth in its operational needs, with the bar for party work only ever set to increase in terms of both the scale and complexity of the tasks it faces as it continues to expand and develop.

This ever growing body of work will demand the skills and talents of a diverse multitude of people drawn directly from the ranks of our party; from competent frontline political campaigners, to confident and eloquent spokespeople who can engage with the mass media and the public at large, as well as technically skilled editors, videographers, writers and graphic designers for our media team, our organisation’s need for a professionalised training programme for its membership is obvious.

Beyond the immediate practical concerns of fostering useful skills amongst our members, there is also the key concern of educating members on their rights and duties inside the party, to equip them with a political education and to inculcate the membership at large with the party’s political values and mission. If the party is to remain truly socialist in character, it must safeguard and reproduce its own political culture. Failure to do so will compromise the party’s ability to carry forward a working class, socialist political programme and will expose it to subversion from opportunistic elements in both the labour movement as well as the wider body politic.

Therefore, congress moves to establish a party education committee responsible for organising the training and political education of new activists from amongst the party’s rank and file. The NMC will be solely responsible for nominating and appointing party members to this new committee.

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