Put this Motion to your local authority

The Workers Party has produced this model motion for submitting to local authorities. Members of the public are able to submit motions to council meetings, and we suggest using what little local democracy is available to us in pursuit of justice for the Palestinians.


‘This Council deplores the loss of civilian lives in Gaza and Southern Israel on and after 7 October, condemns Israel’s blatant flouting of international law by conducting forcible mass population transfer, by depriving Gaza inhabitants of food, water, electricity and fuel (collective punishment), and by bombing in the vicinity of housing, hospitals, schools and refugee shelters, and calls for a cessation of hostilities accompanied by exchange of captives. Further, it  calls on the Prime Minister and the Labour Leader respectively to specify the level of loss of Palestinian life beyond which they will consider that Israel’s right of self-defence does not extend, or failing that to state openly instead of by implication that their tolerance for Israeli life-taking has no limits, bearing in mind that over 8,000 Palestinians have already been killed and that on average one Palestinian child is being killed every ten minutes (source: UNICEF).’


2 thoughts on “Put this Motion to your local authority

  1. Unless the people of Britain wake up,& rise up and boot out the traitors in parliament the Nazis will take over, we will lose,all our rights, the wealthy will rob us all, and we will be serfs again! Do we want that!!!

  2. Starmer, Sunak, and their nest of British traitors must be held to account for their support of mass murder and genocide!

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