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Rally in Whitehall against Nato

Sunday August 6 saw a well attended rally in Whitehall organised by No2Nato.

Richie Medhurst speaks for No2Nato outside Downing Street

The rally took place on the anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima, when United States imperialism detonated an atomic weapon amongst the civilian population causing total human misery and shaming the history of the USA for all time.

The Whitehall rally called for an end to the Nato aggression in Ukraine, exposed the proxy role of Ukraine which suffers under a dictatorship backed by fascists and neo Nazis.

Former British Ambassador Peter Ford and ex-Derby MP Chris Williamson spoke for the Workers Party. They were joined by leading members of No2Nato Richard Medhurst and Patrick Henningsen. Academic Niall McCrae, journalist Tony Gosling also spoke, as did Lauren Renyard Secretary of the Workers Party trade union group. Video of the day will be circulated in the coming days.

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