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Jenin, a reflection

Israel’s main priority isn’t peace but a continuation of a policy that ensures the maintenance of a low-level conflict with the Palestinians. This has the twin benefits of maintaining the cohesion of its Jewish people in the face of something that can be depicted as an ever-present threat as well as providing the excuse for the eradication of the Palestinian people by means of a slow grinding down of the substance that provides them with the will to exist. One of the objects of incarceration has always been to wear down the will of the imprisoned and in the case of the wholesale imprisonment of the Palestinians of Gaza and Jenin in these large-scale open-air prisons their sporadic expressions of resistance can then be used to continue with the process of the physical eradication of these displaying the strongest will to resist. 

In the meantime this kind of surreptitious genocide, lacking as it does the more dramatic components of “conventional” genocide, also has the benefit of enabling a complicit western media to avoid the responsibility of calling it out. All the moralistic huffing and puffing that western journalists express when covering these sporadic outbursts of Palestinian resistance are done in a way that treats them as discrete events and not in the context of an actual Israeli long term policy. 

Eamon Dyas

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