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Members Voice: Skegness by-election indicates lack of faith in either party

Labour, Tory same old story: Skegness by-election indicates lack of faith in either party

Member’s voice piece by J. Buckley

Skegness is a county of Lincolnshire which has a small population consisting of 20,704 people. It is situated in the East Midlands. In Skegness, people have predominantly voted Conservative and certainly in the 2019 Elections 76% of Skegness residents voted Conservative primarily because of Brexit.

There was a large number of the population living there who believed in the Conservatives who said Brexit will make Britain better. This resulted in 74.9% backing the EU Referendum. The local residents have now become sceptical that Brexit would deliver the transformation they are still waiting for 7 years later.

In the Skegness constituency, some 40% now want closer links with the EU against just 19% who want relations to become even more distant. Brexit itself has not delivered the things the people living there wanted which included immigration.

Many of the advantages that could have been taken have not been taken. Boris Johnson’s promise of £350 million a week going to the NHS did not materialise. Broken promises hang over the town, the impact of the cost-of-living crisis is everywhere in this small town, support has fallen sharply and a sense of disillusionment about politics in general is felt amongst the population.

This has now resulted in the declining faith of the Party as those promises have not been fulfilled leading to disappointment and disillusionment. The residents are having to use food banks which is common amongst the local people. The struggles they endure trying to get an appointment with their local GP. The Hotels being used by asylum seekers which people feel is putting visitors off coming to the town.

Labour leader Keir Starmer is not much liked in Skegness the mood of the town is not one of anger but of resignation the thought about Politicians is they are all the same. Voters had little hope so saw no point in switching their votes.

There appears to be no love for Keir Starmer in Skegness and this was clearly evident in the lack of votes for the Labour Party during the local elections this year which saw the Labour candidate come 3rd behind the Conservatives. One resident stated that he did not trust any of the politicians and felt the Labour Party were not capable of handling financial aspects of government as they try too hard to please everybody, another resident sees the Labour party are not supporting the strikers or the NHS and this is causing concern.

Many of the issues facing people in Skegness, are being faced across the country. The politicians and the establishment parties are not interested in solving problems, their job is to manage dissent. We urgently need a new political force in the country that can challenge the mainstream. A party that stands up for the working class but speaks in their language. A party that has an economically radical programme that doesn’t require a university degree or twenty years in the movement to comprehend. A party that is not scared to pursue an independent foreign policy that benefits British workers and not the dogs of war. The Workers Party is aiming to fill that gap, if you want a change, help make it happen.

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