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Letter: China has big role to play in world peace

How would it be if one nation on the planet was able to become an international broker for world peace? Sounds good? How about if that nation happened to be the People’s Republic of China?

China already has a proven track record of being able to successfully broker international peace accords; one example being China’s role in normalising relations between Iran and Saudi Arabia; China also recently chaired a conference in Samarkand on peace in Afghanistan.

There are now beliefs that China could be a broker for peace in Ukraine. These beliefs currently amount to little more than enquiry and soundbites. If China’s involvement was possible however, what could be the possible response of NATO? A look at international relations between China and the NATO countries gives us a glimpse of what the likely responses would be to China’s efforts.

The British float aircraft carriers in the South China Sea to stick two fingers up at Beijing from there; while London spouts glutinous hypocrisy about Hong Kong democracy at the same time.

The Americans do their usual sabre rattling over Taiwan and incessantly indulge in so called war games with the South Korean military. Plus the usual hand wringing hypocrisy from all of the NATO regimes over human rights in Tibet while completely disregarding the human rights of Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza.

At the moment, the only country capable of brokering a ceasefire in Ukraine is China; possibly with India holding Beijing’s coat. But would Ukrainian president Zelenskyy agree to Chinese involvement? Even if Russian president Putin did? Zelensky is in NATO’s pocket, not the other way round. NATO would never agree to Chinese involvement, unless they were certain any Chinese initiative would fail. NATO itself is the major obstacle against a ceasefire and peace negotiations. NATO openly supports the Zelensky regime and supplies the Ukrainian armed forces with armaments and logistical support. NATO is convinced it can help Zelensky win the war. 

NATO’s geo-political interests are primarily and visibly militaristic and imperialist. China is not attempting to increase its own territory, but to protect and maintain the territory it already has. All the evidence available suggests that president Xi Jinping is acting in good faith in wanting to end wars in the world. Anti-Chinese propaganda in the NATO regimes is incessant, vulgar and arrogant. President Xi is fully aware of this, and will obviously take advantage of it whenever and wherever he is able. It is in China’s best, economic interests to do so.

Andrew Wright

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