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Environmental Policy must be good for workers

The Workers Party has a political programme known as the ten-point programme. Our members are committed to the broad principles of this political programme and Number 10 sets out our overriding attitude to “green” politics and the environment. Our demand is for:

“A government that prioritises giving resources to the solving of urgent problems such as the need to live sustainably and protect our natural environment, putting science at the service of the people.”   


Our party would like to have an environmental policy group developing radical solutions to the urgent problems confronting us as a result of environmental degradation. If you’re interested, get in touch.

The Workers Party is not in favour of measures which punish the working class whilst leaving the big monopolies and real polluters untouched. As such we are not in favour of carbon taxes, nor indeed any further taxation of working people, but rather creative solutions which can lead to job creation in Britain. For example, take the British automotive industry.

An extensive supplier base and the system of ‘just in time’ component delivery are possible only with the fiercest competition from across the European Union.

Before Covid the ‘just in time’ system brought in £35 million of parts each day to the assembly lines of British car manufacturers. These components came from across the EU, a screw from here and a bolt from there, a zinc coated nut from Spain and a plastic plug from Poland. An intricate and polluting convoy of 1100 trucks a day rolled into Britain so that Tom Smith on his fork truck at Jaguar Castle Brom could drop a pallet of washers to Felix Jezniak just as he tips his last washer from its oily box and affixes it to his 20th vehicle of the day. But if we took the opportunity to end this polluting convoy of trucks and replace it with locally sourced components, we could secure jobs in Britain and reduce emissions by a considerable degree. Its a similar story across lots of different industries.

Paul Cannon

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  1. Putting the working class and local economies first? Oh dear you’ll be branded as right wing!

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