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George Galloway to speak at launch of No2Nato Scotland

On Monday 3 April George Galloway will address the launch meeting of No2Nato in Scotland. Hundreds of campaigners have joined No2Nato since it was launched on 25 February.

No 2 Nato No 2 War

The UK is the second biggest contributor to Nato. Last year we paid £60 BILLION towards it. For what? We believe Britain would be safer and wealthier outside of Nato.

The danger of a new war of aggression waged by imperialism has never been greater. If the ruling class is unchallenged, it could lead to utter catastrophe.

Join us in Glasgow as we launch No2Nato Scotland. This event follows on from our London meeting where hundreds of anti-war activists met on Saturday 25 February. The Glasgow meeting venue will be kept a secret until the day of the event when all those who are registered will be sent details of how to attend. The venue is less than ten minutes from Glasgow city centre. Our main speaker will be George Galloway.

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Important Ticketing Information

Due to a campaign of intimidation, aimed at shutting down the voice for peace, a ticket to this event will not guarantee entrance. Entrance on the day will be subject to security checks on the door to ensure the safety of all.

Please note: no refunds.

Members of the Workers Party may apply to the party for a discount code.

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