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Workers GB day conference

This Saturday 18 March a day conference for members of the Workers Party is being held in Birmingham.

Our agenda for the day is varied. Having taken up the initiative in helping to launch No2Nato No2War our members and activists have an important role to play in the campaign to avert an escalation in the current imperialist drive to war with Russia and China. Being a party of limited size and resources, it inevitably means that other aspects of our campaigning have been less prominent so far this year, not least our preparations for participation in the May 4 local elections, our campaigning in the fight for free school meals and for a wealth tax.

Our day conference is the chance for activists to review the achievements made so far, and agree on our priorities this year. Our opening session will explore the question of imperialism, what it is and how we fight it, and afternoon sessions will cover everything from local elections, party organisation and rules and new proposals for a campaign in favour of tax breaks for low income workers.

If you’re a member of the party and have not yet registered to attend, you can do so by emailing

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