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Members Voice: Land of Rope?

By Andrew Wright

A man called Lee Anderson has been given the job of deputy chair of the Conservative Party. Among other things Mr Anderson advocates for the reintroduction of the death penalty for capital crimes.

I see no reason whatsoever to be polite about Lee Anderson; though he and his like minded friends and allies would probably have me shot for saying so. Mr Anderson is an intellectual featherweight.

There is however a point to be addressed regarding Anderson’s view – widely held among social revenge merchants like himself – that capital punishment deters murder. This belief is demonstrably false, and has been proved to be false many times over.

One example should be sufficient evidence: the existence and practice of capital punishment did not deter John Reginald Halliday Christie from murdering seven women and a newborn baby in the nineteen-forties.  Does anyone with any intelligence suppose that Peter Sutcliffe or Ian Brady would have been deterred ?

Revenge murder has no place in a civil society. Lee Anderson of course, is motivated by headlines rather than facts disproving entirely his vulgar and spurious bombast.

The fact that this man is holding high office in any British political party, let alone the party of national government, is news that has horrified many. Most nations agree that capital punishment is inhumane, barbarous and immoral; and in any case ineffective as a means of deterring homicide.

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