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Aid to Turkey, sanctions for Syria

by Workers Party TU Group (Karol Glebocki Acting Secretary & Jack Graham)

Workers Party members in the logistics industry, organised in Unite and GMB have reported on efforts in industry to donate thousands of left over masks from the Covid-19 pandemic to Turkey. These masks, while not much, are still a small bit of help to a nation suffering a huge humanitarian catastrophe which has killed tens of thousands of people and injured hundreds of thousands.

Of course Turkey is not the only nation which has suffered greatly, Syria has suffered too, with thousands dead and wounded.

Its a massive shame and a huge crime that industry is unable to donate aid to Syria because of the barbaric sanctions placed on the country by imperialism.

These sanctions do not allow for humanitarian aid to be given to Syria. Every day for many years now, the Syrian people, men, woman and children have been dying because of these sanctions, which do not allow for vital medical aid to be given to Syria. Now in this new catastrophe, the Syrian people are once again denied the benefits of humanitarian and medical aid to help save the dying and treat the wounded.

We call on members organised in their trade unions and those active in the logistics industry, which is sitting on much needed surplus medical supplies to follow in the footsteps of China, Russia, Iran and many others, to send humanitarian aid to all Syrians affected and to lift the sanctions to allow for humanitarian and medical aid to flow into Syria to save the men, woman and children affected by this catastrophe.

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