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Solidarity with striking rail cleaners – Victory to the RMT

By Jackie Buckley

The Workers Party of Britain stands in full solidarity with rail cleaners taking strike action with the RMT. We stand by the fight of RMT members who are living on minimum wage and whose jobs are being outsourced, sub-contracted and experience poor working conditions.

It is a national scandal that rail cleaners, an essential part of the transport workforce, have been forced to use food banks as a means of feeding their families and paying rent. Over a quarter of rail cleaners are said to be skipping meals. This is an unacceptable situation facing unionised workers on our national rail network.

The rail company says that nothing can be done meanwhile pocketing multi million pound dividends guaranteed by the Department of Transport. This is an obscenity and needs addressing by the Transport Secretary who has the power to direct the rail companies to come together to make a new pay offer to unionised rail staff.

The Workers Party of Britain stands in solidarity with rail cleaners and all other workers who organise to fight back against the cost of living crisis imposed by the bosses and government. We call on Workers Party members and the general public to write to the Transport Secretary demanding that he takes action for a fair pay offer for all rail cleaners.

Justice for the rail cleaners! Victory to the RMT!

Write the letter using this template: Write to the UK Transport Secretary: Rail Cleaners Deserve A Pay Rise (

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