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US bolsters its Taiwanese war machine

In the last ten days US president, Joe Biden signed off the National Defence Authorisation Act approving up to $10 billion in military hardware to Taiwan over a period of 5 years.[1]

This is the second act of provocation against Beijing since US House Speaker, Nancy Pelosi, visited the break-off island state of Taiwan in its capital, Taipei earlier this year. This happened even though the US has never recognised the island nation of Taiwan, understanding that it is part of the People’s Republic of China.

Even so, the US aims at using Taiwan as a military bulwark against the Chinese mainland.

Christmas night therefore saw China’s response to the US: a display of 47 of its People’s Liberation Army (PLA) fighter jets flying across the Taiwan Strait in a show of force. [photo shows Chinese military aircraft in action over Taiwan August 2022]

The PLA Eastern Theatre Command explained the logic behind their exercises as such “This is the resolute response to the US and Taiwan’s current escalation of their collusion and provocation.” The Chinese foreign ministry gave greater context to the situation claiming that US provocation is not simply military but political in nature, “The case ignores the facts to exaggerate a ‘China threat’, wantonly interferes in China’s internal affairs and attacks and smears the Chinese Communist party, which are serious political provocations.”[2]

The Workers Party of Britain deplores efforts by the United States and other imperialist powers to provoke greater hostility between the Island of Taiwan and China. Though money can constantly be found for war, western imperialism can never find it when it comes to feeding, clothing, housing and educating their people or looking after their health or cultural needs.

The drive to war against China will be a central topic of discussion next year when the No2Nato Conference meets in Central London (25 February).

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