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Liz Truss gone amid clamour for a general election

After just 44 days it was all over for Liz Truss.

Truss had said she was prepared to be unpopular, but she could never have imagined in August her entry into the record books as Britain’s shortest serving Prime Minister. The FT was indignant at her appointment, almost from the outset and certainly since Kwarteng’s “MINI BUDGET”. In article after article, the FT led the charge in assailing the Prime Minister and her Chancellor and subjecting them to merciless scorn. This weekend the FT reported that “Truss had subjected Britain to a high-borrowing, tax-cutting, libertarian experiment which fell apart on its first contact with reality.” It said that “Some of her staff cried, but few tears were shed elsewhere”. The FT, representing the interests of finance capital (international monopolists and those who export untold wealth abroad for greater returns on their investment) only wished that a more competent lieutenant could be found to wage the war on wages and in defence of obscene profit in an orderly, competent fashion.

Our party can be justly proud of the coverage given to the unfolding crisis in recent days by party leader George Galloway on Moats and in mid-week Moats. We encourage all members to watch the clips from the shows now available on Youtube and telegram (see above).

In the coming months, no matter who gets the Tory crown, Britain faces a winter with thousands more working class people dragged down into absolute poverty. Tax rises and spending cuts are on the agenda, inflation above 10 percent, a tooth and claw struggle by workers and their trade unions to secure wage rises less they fall further into debt and hardship. Calls to back Starmer and the Labour party are no solution. The financial masters of the Tory and Labour cliques are the same, the fiscal policies almost identical.

The Workers Party is committed to our support for workers in their struggles for wages, against spending cuts, and against the looming threat of war.

2 thoughts on “Liz Truss gone amid clamour for a general election

  1. In my view, as a lapsed member of the CPB(ML), the current attempts to establish an electoral coalition of left and right (for whatever those terms still represent) around a few minimal aims should include left parties in a broad left-right alliance. The alternative is yet another anti-worker Tory/Labour/Liberal/Green government. Please consider this idea and let me know your position on this.

    1. Evening Keith. We tried to make our Ten Point Programme as broad as possible, but its clear even this is too narrow and too ‘left’ for many. The Workers Party is open to all suggestion and all approaches if the aim is the breaking of the Labour-Tory mire. Did you watch George’s interview recently with Crispin?

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