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Local elections 2022

In February 2022 the Workers Party of Britain agreed with the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition to avoid unnecessary electoral clashes and the party limited its electoral work in the May 2022 local elections accordingly. Since March the Workers Party sits as an observer on the TUSC steering committee.

In the May 2022 local elections we stood in those areas where our party has branch building aims and objectives. We communicated a list of our seats to the TUSC steering committee. The party sends a thanks to all the candidates who campaigned for our party in May and congratulates all the volunteers who came out to help. In West Yorkshire, Birmingham and London we helped take real steps forward in the work to build branches and bring new people into activity.

Best 4 Wards:

Batley East – Aziz Daji – 1,161 votes 33%
Heckmondwicke – Zahid Kahut – 952 votes 21%
Bordesley and Highgate – Ed Woollard – 247 votes – 15%
Somers Town – Awal Miah – 239 votes, MD Shah – 202 votes, Neisha Wong – 196 votes