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Zahid Kahut speaks about Batley 2022 and fighting with the Workers Party

Zahid Kahut has been announced as the Workers Party candidate for Heckmondwike in West Yorkshire when local elections are held in May 2022.

Zahid says,

“We came to the U.K in 1978 to Thomas Street, we moved to Walkley lane near the library in and around 1980 and I lived there until 2002, I have moved to Batley but the home is where the heart is and we always have our Eid prayers in the Jeremy Lane mosques, with my father’s friends, my childhood friends and families we have known for decades.

Many candidates when standing for election drop the fact they are from the local area but do not explain what it means, I am local I have grown up here.

Just before the Iraq war my friend Jabir Laher, his cousin Zahid and me went to the “stop the war rally in London”, we saw how many people of all backgrounds came out to protest and we were told of the numbers.  But when we saw news the images and the numbers did not match what we had seen, it was played down and the war/ attack of Iraq still went ahead. As we all now know – There never were weapons of mass destruction –  and we were always going to be ignored, terms like “food for oil stick in the mind”

I became a member of the Labour party and fully supported my class fellow Jo Cox. I campaigned with her and introduced her to the local mosque committees.  She was sincere and had massive potential, unfortunately  as we all know she was tragically murdered.  Since then I have supported Jeremy Corybn who has been persecuted for crimes he has not committed and is being squeezed to the side-lines.

The arrival of Mr George Gallloway changed things for me, he is sincere and a voice for the voiceless and is prepared to make sacrifices for what he believes in and to stand up against injustice.

I am aware that the Workers Party is in its embryonic stages – but those are stages all political parties have gone through,  people thought same of the PTI  in Pakistan but if we can fire peoples souls and unite I believe anything is possible and we can make them sit up and hear us, we can make them stop and change direction.

The truth is….. I like what the party and Mr Galloway stand for, it stands for many of the policies that have eroded away from the main stream parties.” 

Workers Party 04.03.22