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Batley East candidate announced

Aziz Daji has been announced as the Workers Party candidate for Batley East in West Yorkshire when local elections are held in May 2022.

Many people in Batley know Aziz through years of community and social work, serving his community over the last 30 years. Last year during the by-election, in Batley and Spen Aziz was one of those who decided they had just about had a belly full of Labour party corruption and inaction. Aziz joined the Workers Party team and helped to lead the campaign for George Galloway which polled an impressive 22% (8,264 votes).

Aziz has lived in Batley for over 50 years and is committed to making Batley a better place to live and work. As thousands of supporters found out during the Batley & Spen by-election the area has been run down over recent years with a distinct lack of facilities and services and a Council under the control of a Labour group more concerned with their career advancement than the people they serve.

Aziz and our other local candidates need your help to defeat the corrupt Labour lieutenants of capitalism. PLEASE give what you can to their appeal, which is raising money to get important grassroots work underway before the election even starts.

Workers Party 16.2.22