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Those in work struggling to buy food

A Telford based charity featured in a BBC piece this week that highlighted the increasing level of “in work poverty”. As prices rise and wages stagnate, many are unable to afford the basics for themselves and their families.

The All Nations Community Grocery, which helps struggling families with weekly shopping, opened in Telford, Shropshire, in November 2021 with 1,700 people now using the service.

The biggest rise in usage was from people in full-time employment, charity organisers The Message Trust said.

Sarah Kaul, from the scheme, described users as suffering from “work poverty”.

“People are finding that even though they’re in employment and have a regular income coming in, by the time they’ve paid their fuel bills, energy bills, with everything rising it’s just becoming increasingly difficult to do the food shop,” she said. []

Socialists must never tire of telling people that the political system that we live under (capitalism) is the cause of the misery, privation and ill health that the mass of the workers experience to a greater degree year upon year.

Only the Workers Party of Britain is intent upon replacing this system with a socialist economy – an economy that is geared towards providing a decent standard of living for all workers, with jobs guaranteed with rates of pay that provide dignity for working people, we demand decent wages not charity – and support all attempts by workers to improve their pay.