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Statement on discussions with TUSC

On 20 December 2021 the Trade Unionist and Socialist Coalition (TUSC) invited the Workers Party of Britain to discuss participation in TUSC, the invitation outlined differences of opinion to be addressed.

Our principled opposition to separatism, to identity politics, to both Labour and Tory as two sides of the same coin as well as our defence of the result of the 2016 referendum result are clear red lines demarcating the Workers Party from other organisations of the labour movement.

Despite differences the Workers Party is committed to avoiding unnecessary electoral clashes and is pleased that lines of communication between both organisations have been established.

The WPB has indicated a willingness to limit the number of candidate approvals for May 2022 as our contribution towards TUSC’s plan to stand 600 candidates unopposed by other left groups. Thus far the WPB has restricted itself to just 14 Wards and communicated these to the TUSC.

Erdington by-election

Despite the transparency of the Workers Party in these proceedings it was disappointing to hear the announcement that TUSC had approved a candidate in the Erdington by-election. The TUSC steering group were aware that the Workers Party had already decided to stand in the by-election, and that Chris Williamson had been asked to run as the candidate of the Workers Party, in line with our policy of recognition for his outstanding contribution to the cause of socialism in recent years. This information was known to TUSC before they approved the application of Dave Nellist and entered another socialist into the contest.

An announcement on whether the Workers Party shall run a candidate in the Erdington by-election will be made after a meeting between all parties on 2 February 2022.